Saturday, November 15, 2008

i need money to do my laundry. or i can do it old school in the tub like my roomie did once. i have 63 points left in my dorm card. great. i hope that lasts me the rest of the week. the weather has been warming up, but the wind f*cks it all up. sometimes its hot, at other times the wind makes it feel chilly. so i go out with my cutoffs and my pf windbreaker and my vans. i looks straight up wierd. i mean come on: i have my "messenger pack"(everyone calls it that but its just a backpack that utilizes a flap- geez) an intense windbreaker and my zapatodelbarco vans (boat shoes! acutally i hate them because they f*cked up my cranks and now they dont say fsa vero) or my nike classic sbs (which i found that they are sick ass sneakers for riding). i look like a hype hobo.

i played around with my bike earlier. i found that i can whip the sh*t out of it when i do one footies. the problem is i have no clue on what i should do with that foot.... i want to throw it over the bars but its hard as hell. i also figured i dont really have to do the jesus pose ith the no handed skids. but once i get out of that pose i dont know where to put my hands. i feel like a retard. i also tried to do wheelies again and i can get to the balance point but i cant really keep a constant pedal or balance. im also trying pop ups but sh*ts not happening.

i miss home. i cant wait to see my friends again as well as all my family. i miss my car too. but i cant wait to see a certain someone. first off i doubt shes gonna read this. i know we've been going through tough times, but im pretty sure all that is going to go down the drain when we see eachother. we'll make the most out of what we have and hopefully resolve all out problems. though we're taking this time off i miss her and i cant wait to see her.

okay here is the part where i rant. i hate the fact that bikes are becoming cookie cutter. i cant tell you how many times i see shortbars with oury's, bmx forks, deep v's, and small gear ratios utilizing sugino messengers. first off it's quite dangerous to be riding shortbars because it is so easy to over turn and eat it. i know theyre for wheelspins but why do wheelspins? why do all these things on bikes built for speed? if you want to do elaborate tricks buy a bmx bike. i try to do tricks that can only be done on a track bike- because theyre built for that.

anyway. im gonna go to the mall i guess. i think imma ride there. maybe.


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