Wednesday, November 12, 2008

im not having a good day. day starts off, im tired. hop on my bike and its freezing cold. go home. while on my way to psych i realize my front tire is squishy. i realize that i have a slow leak: no prob ill patch it up at home. ill just pump it enough for me to get through the day. and so i did. until that slow leak became a fast leak. i realized the slow leak when i went to the student store. i got the big headphones i always wanted and a sticker for my dad. i ended up going back home and skating to school because of that stupid leak. then i realized- i love my bike and i take it for granted. after school i patched it up (yay first time) but realized:i dont have a pump. rookie ass move. so i end up panicking- luckily my friend miles had one. after that, my roomies went to perform at woodstocks pizza. and by my horrible sense of time i missed it. i got jack in the crack. i ate it at the plaza while a guitarist and violinist played santana songs under a full moon. that moment was beautiful. there was a dude who passed me just bookin it on 3rd while i was at a stoplight and i was like "OHHHH HAAAAAAILLLL NAAAAW" and i jammmed after him. i caught up to him and said to him going at like what seemed to be 50 mph "GOTCHA BEEEETCH" and headed home. got home got in an arguement. now we're not talking. i got a snickers ice cream bar and 2 vaults. now im here.

wow thats long. im working on a sticker logo for chico fixed and i guess the recurring theme would be beer.

this would be the first design

the next one would be the sierra nevada (chico original!) and the natty ice (chico state favorite!) would be the third design i made.

it gave me something to doodle. i love doodling.

i receive my mash sf stickers and im happy as hell. however my bike needs WAY more stickers. i want my bike to be covered with stickers. i really want to put a "HELLSPEED" sticker. i wanna get that made. or something.

sorry about the scattered thought but i seriously need to get my front tire to match the rear. im not feelin the 28 in the front and the 23 in the back.


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