Sunday, November 9, 2008


so i was chillin at the plaza waiting for someone on the forums to pick up my old pedal straps and i was approached by a hood mormon. A HOOD black dude with a complete timbaland get up HOOD MORMON. he started talking about god and stuff and really i wasnt with it. god will come into my life when i need him, but for now- i dont. hes got his on stuff to worry about. i busted a huge skid up main. it was sick as hell. i raced an suv. and then raced a guy on a road bike and smoked the crap out of him. it was fun. im still working on those wheelies. i cant seem to keep my pedal strokes consistent enough to do it correctly. i can jump though! HA.OBAMA IS SPONSERED BY TREK!?!?!?! F*CK. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HIM LANCE!??!!?

in other news lance is training. f*cking lance and his hipster hed 3.0.

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