Friday, November 7, 2008


today is f*cking clean the f*ck up friday. my room is a total mess. all my crap is strewn everywhere, and i think i need to do some laundry. on a better note i received my dont do it sticers in the mail this week. so now my bike is adorned with a lovely DONT DO IT sticker on the top tube. soon enough there's going to be a mashsf sticker on there and a sf bomb squad patch on my backpack. it should be here soon.

i patched up things with melissa. i miss her. i miss home. i miss driving my car and delibarately slowing down to catch the red lights in order to get a peck on the lips. i miss pigging out while she watches me eat. i miss her getting embarrased when i do da dancing.

okay enough.

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