Friday, November 28, 2008

its been one week

its been one week since i last updated. and i guess life is swell. i have discovered that my ukes are getting quite old. i discovered i am getting quite old. i discovered texting frustrates me. i discovered that i cannot bike up hills. well i can its just i hate uphill portions. im not a very enduance based rider, but i love riding downhill.

thanksgiving was wonderful. i spent it with one of the loves of my life. shes cute adorable, but she sat in one place the whole time. she missed alot of things and didnt comprehend what most of my relatives were saying but its okay she was also disgusted because of a dog show. she didnt like how dogs were being diplayed for the sake of entertainment- thats right. im talking abouttttttt


oh and melissa was there and i love her too.

i go home on sunday. and im sorta looking forward to it but in other ways im really not looking forward to it. you win some you lose some.


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