Wednesday, February 11, 2009

it's wenesday

i haven't really been updating this blog, but i finally got to it. its hella raining outside and i seem to have caught a virus. my tummy started hurting in the beginning of class this morning and so my second teacher recommended i go home. so i did. ive been home ever since.

so ive been contemplating on stuff. i ended up thinking about tattoos. if i were to get a tattoo it would involve 2 things: something about my heritage (but totally not cliche) and the word "sinner". ive always wanted the word sinner written somewhere on my body so god knows what i am on earth. so he (or she, because i know there are some proponents of a different looking god than what is considered normal) could see, without using and of his great power, what i really am. then he/she would go "oh, well that saves alot of time, ill worry about the next guy." anyways, ive come to the conclusion that i could get a tat of alibata. now, i know- alibata is kind of cliche. but not when i design something with it. instead of going horizontal with it i'm going vertical with more of a modern look to it (symbols closer together and rounded a bit). once i get something drawn out i'll post it. (btw, sinner in tagalog is makasalanan.)

i need to buy lube for my bike chain. well, nevermind. i think i need to straight tune up the whole thing. the chain's getting noisy at high speeds. well it's not that noisy, but it's something i notice. maybe that's what ill do when the rain stops....

f*ck the rain.

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