Monday, October 6, 2008

tire or tyre?

changed the back tire today because i shredded through the kenda k176 that came with the bike. so right now im running a conti ultra sport. its grippy, but one its in a slide its like butter. its a big change from the kenda which felt dry and- well it feels different. im sure anything was better than the kenda, ill update on the progress and feel of the tire (but continetal is german made so i guess it's tyre).

i guess its more riding for me.

anyway. i met steve from pullins cyclery. i was wearing my barrack to the future shirt and he seems like a very big supporter of our boy barrack. regardless, i noticed there are alot of riders that are biased towards certain shops. but all the shops are cool with eachother- its not like other cities. for example: the guy who is head of critical mass (the guy with the pake), and another fixed rider who works there were at pullins today. i met mike, the dreadlock guy, and a few others at Chico Bike&Board. when i bought my clips at cyclesport, i ran into ted and maxx. but its a community. you just cant get that in places like san jose. thats what i like about chico, everyone's connected.

gonna do a quick run with the new tires before i go eat. or maybe vice versa.

this is the freeman transport track bike. its like jack in the box- built when you order. it comes with the bag. its expensive, but its awesome.


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Tekno love song said...

That's a pretty cute bike.