Sunday, October 5, 2008

there's something about 4 wheels

there are some interesting characters here in chico. yesterday on my daily bike ride, there was the national yo-yo competition. NATIONAL. it was probably the most dense asian group i have seen in a long time. ive been really out of the yo yo game because the 4A division was nuts. 4A would be yoyos that arent connected to the string. wtf!?! YO YOS NOT CONNECTED TO THE STRING. and these kids are nuts with a yo yo. however there were a few kis who gave me wierd looks. there were a bunch of hypebeasts gawking at my bike. supreme hat. supreme keychain. north face backpack. skinny corduroys. gazzelle glasses. and the asian "i dont care but i really do care" hair (mullet). i wanted to stomp his face into my rear wheel. there were an aweful lot of scene kids there too. ugh.

today, on my bike ride there was a car show. it was great because there were really nice old school cars. some low riders. some rods. some random ford escort- it looked like it was sh*t. it had rattle can paint, with some tribal looking design on the front, a pep boys parkbench one size fits all wing, and spray painted stock wheels. it was stupid- until he turned it on. holy hell this thing was built for drag! wtf!? it was a sleeper. it was cool. there were some latino dudes with a corrado, a mkIV JTI, and 2 mkIII vrs. the corrado: clean, paint was rough, tsw's were wierd. it wont a few awards. the mkIV: good start but angel eyes, motegis, and eyelids were a bit f&f. the mkIII vrs.... orange with black hood? uhhhhhh nah- paint wasnt good, tint wasnt either, the wheels were cheapy but had bbs caps in them. the next one the paint had traces of paintover (lets just say i can tell the car was yellow before) the wheels were ehhh. it had blue momo racing seats and matching 4pt harnesses though. there was this full resto 62 beetle. god it was gorgeous. then there was this rat rod karmann ghia which was so badass. if i were to do anything to a beat ghis, it would be exactly like that one. it was great. there was also a rat rod squareback- that was bad ass. and a full drag latemodel beetle. OH and there was an old 2 seater mercedes with bbs rs'.... o would so so many bad things if i had that car. close to it was a datsun 240 for sale....

now about today.

yesterday i realized: my rear tire has gone to shreds. im starting to get to the threaded nylon layer. so basically my ride today was about finding a cheap tire. i met some dirt jumper dudes on my way there- at first i thought they were trying to be assholes, becase as i ran past them they yelled "DO A TRACKSLIDE!" part of me said do it, another part told me that theyre assholes. but they caught up to me and i had a good convo with them. one of the dudes wanted to try out fixed gear someday so i let him try out my bike. we talked bike and it was cool. so i went into chico bike and board (basically my shop, i go to them alot). they didnt have any cheapy tires. he suggested some and some tires and some shops. so im gonna get a new tire in a weekish. so yeah.

he suggested to me: "dont skid"

its so hard not to.

damn kinds stock tires.


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