Tuesday, October 7, 2008


my chain really bothers me, it has a slight droop, and its affecting my riding. i think im going to get that fixed after i re register to vote. the voting procedure is really a shame. it doesnt make any sense to me sometimes. when we vote we're really voting to sway a guy with a greater power to vote a certain way. he/she can even go against what the plurality vote says. what suck even more is the fact that people wont vote because of externalities. some countrires make it a holiday to vote. i dont understand why this country doesnt. it's so driven by the economy, it cant even get it's righteous citizens time to vote. voting should be open for a couple days- not just one. its too frantic to have it in one day- and im sure we'll reel in more voters that way.

heaviest in chico is coming up on the 10th

but i cant believe im going to miss 408 fest though.

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