Thursday, October 9, 2008

no shoes, no shirt, NOOOOO DIIICE!

i love that part in fast times at ridgemont high.

i thought about it and i cant believe it took off the size sticker on my bike. it was a beer mug with the size on it.

so i forgot to post yesterday. so i was on second street on my usual way home for lunch. and as usual i sprinted like hell. i found myself on 2nd and ivy next to a geo metro. you know what a geo metro looks like. so we're at this stop light- and i pay no mind. i get a great start off the light. and i f*cking PULLLLLLL. now i know the metro would pull in front of me so i drafted it for a couple yards, gained composure, and slingshot my way past it. the driver was all smiles and was hooting and hollering (he had one of those tree hugger bumper stickers). its great to see people like that. he gave me a thumbs up and i made my way home.

today, not so good. first off its windy, so windy that i feel like a sail whenever i sit up, and if im going against the wind, it feels like im going uphill. and my thighs seem to be giving out on me little by little... maybe its because i didnt have something to eat in the morning. i'm gonna do a small run before i go to class.

and i need to get rid of the slack on my chain. chain droop isnt really the safest thing.


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