Friday, October 10, 2008

minor setbacks.

i came out of my astronomy class yesterday, and i realized i had a flat on my rear tire. it wasn't fun. i went to the bike cart, some scam from the school, to use their pump. it was a bullsh*tty pump. so i got air in the thing, but i only made it a few yards out until it went flat again. i thought: maybe i did'nt pump it enough, or correctly. so i literally carried my bike to cyclesport 3 blocks away used their pump. and it holds. by the time i made it to 3rd and nord, about 3/4 of a mile out, it went out. so i had to carry my bike home about 3-4 blocks. not fun at all.

today i went to cyclespot and swapped a tube. so i have an se lager with a kends tire in the front, a conti sport in the back, specialized "italian" clips, soma leather straps, fsa vero cranks, and a sugino track cog. my bike is really confused.

i realized, phil wood components are from san jose. and paul components are from chico. thats basically the story of my life. HA. i miss san jose.

this is the shortyfatz 8 series. and it looks pretty radical. in my honest opinion it looks a bit cartoonish and the shape is questionable. i wonder how it would hold. the rear triangle is smaller and is placed low, reminiscent of full on track bikes. i believe that this is the first attempt of a non-lowrider bike from shorty fatz. their lowrider bikes are sweeeeeet. they have similar shape. im sure this bike will attract helllllla attention.


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Shorty Fatz said...

Whats up, thanks for posting this pic, i am one of the designers for this bike, and wanted to invite you to our release party to see the parts that will be on it, and meet us and the Phil Wood & Co. Staff...if you want more info on it email me...thanks!