Monday, October 13, 2008


its about 1, and i cant really sleep. i even tried riding my bike. usually that would get me tired. i did a couple no handed trackstands- but i only get my hands off for about 3-4 seconds and they go straight for the handlebars again. its okay because i know its enough time to flip two birds and dive to the handlebars. i also played around with whipskids, which i realized i tend to whip to the right alot. well i turn left and whip right. in addition to that, i already established i can do one footed skids. so i a few of those and thought hell, if i can do that i can do a leg over... the only hard part is getting the leg over: see, you have to take a hand off the handlebar before you skid, throw your leg over the bars, skid, and hold on for dear life.

sometimes i ask myself: why do people make up these tricks for these bikes? f*ck, theyre made for 3 purposes only: velodromes, messengers, and cyclists who know what theyre in for. sometimes it upsets me that kids have these bikes for show, not for function.

my dad bought a slingshot RD22 over the weekend. he wants to convert it into a single speed like this. it seems really legit. the thing is, i question the cable. what if it snaps? there's a lot of tension on that spring. theres alot of tension on that cable. then i wondered: what if this was converted to a fixed gear? that cable would snap after a few hundred skids. hmmm. the single speed conversion isnt going to happen anytime soon, he told me. maybe if things pan out- it'll end up being belt driven like those treks that are coming out.....


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melissa. said...

do you talk about anything besides the fact that you fckk up your tires?