Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i know i have been very slow to post.

it took exactly 20 days for me to pop the conti ultra. thats about a dollar a day. but that doesnt include the tube i had to replace. now im running a 700x23 soma everwear which is like BUTTTERRRR. i swear when i got it i threw down a good 30 ft and when i got home it still looked new. so now i have 2 different size tires: big fronts, small rears. heard thats good for long distance skidding. eh. it's kinda wierd looking at it from thefront or back, but it looks good from the side. i'm not having any issues with the setup yet. though i plan on changing the fronts to a 23. i'll probably get that cheap ass one from perfbike.

i popped it while on my daily ride. and found out there was an alleycat and a comp i missed. i was bummed i missed the race and the comp and that i popped my tire. i wasnt having a good time at all.

eh. i cant do wheelies. im sad.


food for thought

he's holding himself up. FAIL

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