Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hella cold/voting day

it has been cold in the city of chico. rainy too. however it cleared up today just in time for me to sport my newest favorite shirt for voting day. unfortunately i had to flip my shirt inside out because im pretty sure barrack mcfly is illegal in polling places. oh well.

i think the music of the month should be iron maiden stuff. i watched this thing on vh1 classic- it was the late maiden playing sans eddie in the back. i didnt watch the whole thing but they did play the trooper, and i think im hooked. i remember i fist heard coheed do it and everything but the vocals were cool. this was the only time i hated claudio. but i think that's going to replace anthrax this month.

now to the bike. i finally got tools and that makes me super duper happy. i raised up my saddle and it looks less noobish. the wierd lock mechanism thing is going to be gone as well. it took a while to get used to the ride height, but im good now. i'm getting more lift for wheelies and thats a plus. next thing on the agenda would have to be removing the rear brake that's rarely used and replacing the levers for a lefty. save up for a paul comp lever? chico pride much? hahaha.

het's end this on a patriotic note:

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