Thursday, October 23, 2008

speed. i am speed.

so i had to do a run to the student center to turn in my immunization records. and im guessin i was really on that rockstar because i was really hype (remember ive gone about a week or two without one). anyways, did a hardcore sprint to campus.and it took less time than i thought. so i decided: hey, ill go on a broadway/main run (yeah i guess i was really f*ckn hype).

i f*ckn flew. im pretty sure i was getting some lift too. first i zipped on 2nd street, got to a stoplight, hit up a almost motionless trackstand. then the light turned green. f*cking jammed. got on broadway and pedaled my ass off garrett chow style. i even overtook a car. it was epic. what i love about riding in this city is the stoplights. the road is curved, so if youre on the good side of the road, trackstands become nothing. and if you get a great launch (i mean great push on one pedal, great pull on the other) one can blow cars away. it's exhilerating to feel my shirt flapping off behind me, my hat almost flying off, pedals rotating faster than a blender on high, chain strained to the max... cycling is f*cking beatuiful.

i have to sign up for classes. i cant believe im pretty much 1/4th through with my first year here.


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Dada said...

thank you for the correction good sir.