Friday, December 16, 2016

allow me to reintroduce myself: BHSK is back.

hey y'all. it's been a while since i've had this thing active and to be honest- i really do not know where to start. some of y'all have some questions so i'll answer a few.

where the hell did you go?
life caught up to me. i did not intend to stop BHSK, but when i did, i ghosted out. juggling work and the blog and life wasn't working out at the time. plus the fixed gear scene in san jose disappeared when iMD closed down- that affected the blog and i a lot. i got a job that i actually use my degree in which stacked on top of my bike sales gig, i changed the way i live to something a little more healthy, and cut out the blog for a while. a long while.

so if you were gone for that long, why come back?
i'm a little more stable, but over the course of the time i was AFK, i noticed a big shift in fixed gear. i want to rant about it. i also miss riding bikes. i've been hanging around proper mountain bikers, roadies and cyclocross dudes for so long, it makes me want to ride a stupid bike. you know, the kind that you and i like.

has anything changed and will anything change for this blog?
fuck no! okay, maybe that's not true. my interests have changed a bit but the main focus will and always will be fixed gear. you might see a sprinkling of enduro or cross stuff or road bike stuff, but that's because that shit is rad. hey, you might like it.

get any new bikes?
first off, i still have my destroy 29er. that thing is my pride and joy. i've added to the fleet a destroy bmx (previously owned by the homie tod), a pake tarck build, a GT sensor full suspension build, and (as of this month) a ghost nivolet EBS ultegra. i still have a sunday model c to build and a REALLY WANT TO BUILD A MONSTERCROSS BIKE.

when will you start?
right fucking now. right now.


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