Tuesday, July 22, 2014

easing back into the computer chair: where the fuck have you been bhsk?

i've been busy. let's rip this bandage off quickly: i bought a mountain bike. it has gears and brakes. dont worry, i haven't caught full on prolly syndrome yet, and i'm still bomb hills speed kills. if it makes you feel any better, i took this out to a san jose fixed ride and clocked it bombing a hill doing 37. so nothing's changed. am i bored with fixed? fuck no. i've just come to a point where i have to broaden my horizons (personally, not on this blog) for a sec. i got it out of my system. this little hiatus wasn't all away from the blog however, for i have finished drafting up a revamp of the format of this here website. it'll be up in a few weeks give or take.

oh, and a while back my girlfriend was really irked that i spend a bunch of time blogging. when i revealed that i had been away from it for a month, she basically said "why the fuck did you do that for? that shit is your life, you dumbass."

she's a keeper. and now onwards with the schedule programming.


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