Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#bigboywheelclique: andy sparks' "dreams"

Andy Sparks | Dreams from Andy Sparks McMullen on Vimeo.
the fam andy sparks is one of the most down to earth dudes i've every met, and he holds down the east bay as well as the proper wheel size. this being said, he's got one of the cleanest styles in the game that hearkens back to early FGFS while integrating modern tricks. i really think that a ton of riders have lost sensible bike control in the pursuit of bigger tricks, which makes andy's riding that much more incredible. you almost forget that he's running a bike that's huge by today's FGFS apparent standard of 26". let's also not forget that it's a bike that holds the geometry of the FGFS mid-school era witht he straight top tube and short wheelbase. folks, this is the standard you should be aiming for.



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