Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#yungfixie fam: alex gonzalez on the strip

Alex Gonzalez: On the Strip. from lockedcog on Vimeo.
alex isn one of the raddest dudes on a bike right now and i'm glad we got to spend some time on the #2blogs1brand1dudetour. he's been repping BHSK for the longest time and he's one of the fastest homies i know. not only that, he's batshit crazy. for a young dude, he's got the most random stories, rides that track bike like it was a freestyle bike (clipped in, and with a heavy ass ratio, i might add), and he'll bust wheelies doing a bajillion miles an hour through traffic. before we left vegas kris got these clips. we were towing him running almost 40. so gnar.


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