Tuesday, September 3, 2013

rant: wu tang x state bicycle

(via state)
okay, i'm fucking disappointed right now. ever since i found out about this, it's been picking at my brain. i have nothing against state bicycle, i really don't. they put kids on bikes and that's all i ever ask for. they also support the community and have an intense team going on which is hella cool and shit.  i fucking love the wu. they're the fucking wu tang clan, and you dont fuck with them. BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?

lets back up here, there are some things that i like. well, two things might not be "some" for many, but irregardless of that i do happen to like the headtube badge and the stem faceplate. that's about it. hold up, can we talk about how greasy this motherfucker is? that shit greasy as fuck, i mean, shit. at least wipe the goddamn thing down before you take beauty shots.

(cream, indeed)
maybe i'm just bitter- the last thing we saw that was wutang related with bikes was the affinity collaboration set forth by raekwon the chef. that shit was sick and also made better by the fact it was not for profit in support of rebuilding the hard hit new york city areas during their natural disaster. but this... this is like seeing a general lee paintjob on a damn hyundai. it's not right.

i think it's also because i'm a huge fan of the wu tang- yeah all these little logos and dedications to the shaolin are nice and all, but is it all really in line with the principles of the wu tang? it's kind of tacky to see all these logos and dedications. i mean when you see the wu tang, you know there's some thought and quality. i feel like this was slapped together.

you don't need the w logo on the hubs, you don't need the w logo on the bars, you don't need the w logo on the seatpost. lets be honest here, that just brings the "value" up. i wouldn't be surprised to see "limited wu tang fixie wheelset" up on craigslist after a while. while on that not, this thing is $600. WHAT? FOR 40 DOLLARS MORE, YOU CAN GET A BRAND NEW 2014 SPECIALIZED LANGSTER.  and that thing doesnt have that "fixie" geometry- it's got a real goddamn track geo.

let's do a recap: i think it's over priced, not a good dedication to the people who brought the world the 36 chambers, it's tacky, and greasy as fuck. i want to like this. it's wu tang. it's a bike. but this doesn't come through for me.



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