Wednesday, September 11, 2013

oooyeah: edgar "willo" juarez' welcome to lompton for crankLA

Welcome to Lompton - Edgar Willo Juarez from Crank LA Clothing on Vimeo.
if you havent heard, the homie edgar "willo" juarez won the wolfpack hustle unified series for 2013, claiming his second dogtag. that's some serious speed right there, but he showed so much speed that he was left toothless after a scuffle with a car while training for the races. this is where crankLA comes in- crankLA is a clothing company trying to raise funds for my homie willo.

(via crankLA)
with his signature "oooooooyeah!", this shirt really represents edgar. the proceeds of this shirt go into helping edgar get some teeth so BUY IT NOW.

my dude needs teeth, yo.


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