Friday, August 23, 2013

the details: takashi's road bike by field cycles

(via field)
yeah yeah yeah, i know this is a road frameset. i'm a huge fan of field cycles' craftsmanship and you really can't be mad at that. so screw you, i post what i want. every single detail is spot on right down to the painted cinelli combo bars.

"This is the first of our bikes in Japan, built up as a fast race bike for Takashi’s local mountainous roads. It features a compact reynolds 853 front triangle, Columbus Life chainstays and our custom shaped S bend seatstays. Up front the oversized 44mm i.d headtube with our investment cast bronze headbadge makes a seamless front end when married to the ENVE composites 1.0 fork.

The paint is our most complex to date, Immaculately and painstakingly applied across the frame, fork and Cinelli integrated bars and it’s come out a treat. Inspired by snow capped peaks and alpine landscape, with a nod to the dazzle camouflage.

you can see more of this beastly framset here.


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