Thursday, August 22, 2013

it's so pretty: mash SF x cinelli "parallax" frameset

(via mashsf)
i would like to take the time and address everyone here on the interwebs that i, jmik of bhsk, am in love with a frameset. maybe it's because they took a photography sharpness chart and smacked it on a cinelli, maybe it's because it's not as flashy as a bolt or a histogram mashinelli, maybe it's the fact that the tube valves are lined up perfectly thus drawing your attention to the HED wheels- whatever it is, i want it. the parallax is the next child of the mashSF and cinelli union and though we were a little thrown off by the parallax' eccentric brother, the SSCX, this returns to the track roots set forth by the fraternal twins known as the bolt and histogram. the parallax brings it all back to the horizontal top tube and retains that tight wheelbase that track cyclists love. you can feast your eyes upon this marvel over at mash sf.


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