Monday, July 8, 2013

the team on the back: super galactic cycling squad kits coming soon

(via SGCS)
chris of north trooper and sean from TOLA teamed up to make the super galactic cycling squad. here's a little background:

"SGCS came together through the love of bikes, our cities and just crushing miles, rides, races and tours. We felt that there was a spot and a need for a International team who holds true to the ideals of any ride, any race and any time. We are here to represent our countries, our sponsors and our love for all things cycling. Look for us at your events, your rides, your races, because we will be there."

think of it as the avengers... but with bikes and shit (OH WELL FUCK YEAH). today they dropped a preview of their endo customs kit designed by MSTRPLN. space? check. hashtag h-ASS-htag? check. proper use of pink? absolutely. like the familia on facebook here.


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