Thursday, July 11, 2013

cutting monotony: dosnoventa detroit & houston

Dosnoventa Houston from Dosnoventa on Vimeo.

Dosnoventa Detroit2 from Dosnoventa on Vimeo.
the barcelona based company, dosnoventa, has really been putting themselves forward lately. they make sexy fuckin framesets and here you will see the houston and the detroit. the detroit is their pursuit model, and the houston is a traditional track geo with an integrated seatpost (SO SHMEXY). but lets not forget they are probably going to roll out more vids for their other framesets: the kuala lumpur (traditional track geo sans integrated seatpost, still sexy), the monte carlo (classic setup with threaded headset, super sexy), and the tokyo (FULL 3K CARBON AWWWWWWWYEAAAH).

i want one.


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