Sunday, May 19, 2013

BHSK @ red bull ride n style 2013: winners circle and ending thoughts

this is the post my computer didnt want you all to see apparently because i'm sitting here doing this for the second time. but no one cares about my problems. this is the part where i end everything with the inners circle and some ending thoughts. apparently you all like that kind of stuff so here goes.

for  the track portion walton brush took third (not pictured, apparently that dude went home), hernan montenegro took second, and repeating his win in 2011, jason clary took the top spot.

for the fgfs section of the event, elliot milner took third, jonathan davis took second and also repeating his 2011 victory, matt reyes took first place.

i've been very verbal about my thoughts leading up to this event and i assure you i stand behind those words. this event is only in it's third year and some edges have yet to be polished out.

1) the qualifications for the track portion have been nothing short of a clusterfuck. i expressed my issue about last year's minidrome so i think they heard me and actually did a race. the only problem with that was it was in arizona- how would these guys out in LA or the bay area get there and qualify? then they tried to pick up that slack by holding goldsprints (because being stationary on a bike is a really good indicator of how good a rider is)
2) again, way too easy to get a media pass. i know its nice to hang out with homies in the "VIP" area, but damn, these cats are getting free lunch yo. i was handling business when they brought out food for media and riders. when i got the chance to pick up my burrito i was left with this tofu ass vegan burrito. WHAT? HOW AM I LEFT WITH THIS TOFU ASS BURRITO? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME... I COULDN'T EVEN GET THROUGH THAT SHIT BECAUSE THERE WAS NO FUCKIN MEAT IN THAT SHIT- ALL THEM FUCKING FREELOADING MOTHERFUCKERS DOING NOTHING BUT WATCHING FROM THE GOOD SIDE OF THE EVENT TOOK THE MOTHERFUCKING DECENT ASS BURRITOS. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND BE MORE STRICT ABOUT THAT SHIT REDBULL. I WANT SOME DAMN DEAD ANIMAL IN MY DAMN BURRITO NEXT YEAR.
3)how id media supposed to do anything when they're on the sidelines? i can tell you the guy behind me behind the barrier has the exact same gat damn picture on his iphone- the crowd is literally 2 feet behind the "designated media area". media guys know what they're doing, they chronicle and record these guys all the time. let us back on the frickin course.
4) there needs to be fresh blood on the course. no, i dont mean someone needs to eat shit.  i mean that there's not a whole lot of talent in terms of a local and younger level. yeah i not that's what this event is all about and they want to bring "big"names out there, but the fact of the matter is: the whole FGFS industry is really based on these duders who RIP. if racho was 100% on this event, he would kick off a flat truck dude would see it and then EVERYONE would try and get in on it. seriously, we need new faces. or other faces. either, or.

(they're seriously not going to let me in on the next event. the event coordinators are probably like "that jmik guy, that guy isn't getting a media pass next year, fuck him and his tofu ass burrito)

despite all my nitpicky things, at the end of the day, this event brings together a good chunk of the fixed gear, track and FGFS community. say it's corpo, say it's irking, but the vibe is there and the togetherness is there.

thanks for bearing with me on my extremely slow coverage of this event. i've enjoyed coming in early and leaving late every year. i know i'm fucking slow on the turnaround, but i'm just one dude with 2 cameras (yeah! it's 2 now!) a decent computer, and a shitty blog. we'll return to your scheduled shit tomorrow.


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