Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BHSK @ red bull ride n style 2013: grime time with devo, combs and hambone

the grime guys rolled up in a squad to sf in an RV with some of the zontrac fam. they went from NY to SF (we'll see footage of that really soon, i can assure you). kicking it off strong we have the grime's anthony combs, devon lawson and christian hamrick.

devo knows how to throw around that bike. he was one of the first to blast off the narrow up ledge and throw 3's to flat off said ledge. living with matt reyes is rubbing off on on my dude- everything was super clean.

if you know ant, then you know that he's been chasing this trick since forever. i've seen him do it but i think this is the first time he's done it down to the pedals.

if you havent seen the video of this then let me tell you how imprssive this is: combs barred in  and for a second had this thing in a magic carpet. madness.

christian is no longer in san jose anymore but it doesn't mean he's out of the game. his grinds and variations are pulled out- in fact this smith right here started from the top and went all the way down. knowing the fixed drivetrain, that's hard.


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