Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the name isn't what it means: cinelli bootleg for the tour d'afrique 2013

CINELLI BOOTLEG Tour d'Afrique 2013 from CINELLI-BOOTLEG on Vimeo.
no, cinelli bootleg in this case doesn't mean someone took an ebay visp and put a mash sf livery on it. bootleg is actually a subdivision of sorts of the famous cinelli brand. last year they did the tour d'afrique on a modified hoy hoy rats frame- that's 12,000km (for us 'mercuhns, that's about 7500 miles) from cairo to cape town. that's really really frickin far. this year, they're using a whole new columbus steel framed steed which will brobably dampen out the rough dirt roads out in africa.


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