Tuesday, March 19, 2013

tabula rasa:

(stolen from TTv because i have no idea how to screen cap with this infernal mac <3 u thieth)
so i got word of this forum a while back when before it was released into the wild. BHSK started around the same time mosher started trick track and for those who remember trick track, it was a great resource. but then it kind of all fell apart and every other question was "what ratio are you running" and whatever. the folks over at saw that there was a void in the fixieverse with the almighty trick track gone, and have now filled said void with a new forum.

now i will say this- i was never very active on trick track but i saw that once great resource turn into repetitive garbage. this forum has a clean slate and it can go either way. let's hope it goes in the direction of good, yeah?


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