Tuesday, March 12, 2013

meanwhile in 2012: valentin racho for 5onit

5ONIT: Valentin Racho (2012) from hellastoop on Vimeo.
there's been a whole thing where i used to scream on the social mediums "why is valentin racho not sponsored!?" he's one of those guys who has that quiet intensity. don't let the top tube pad fool you, he's an amazing rider who can run the intricacies of flatground yet he can THROW HAMMERS DOWN. random fact: i'm in the background in the redpark footy.

there's things in the works for my local friend and i can't go into details, but it involves some of the BHSK fam! look out for that!



legoface said...

1:20 gettin slum with it

bhsk said...

yeaaaaahhhhh boiiiiiiii