Wednesday, March 27, 2013

looking in the wrong place: charles and torey in SAF BMX 3 edit

Searching Acronyms Forever Part 3: Scoundrels And Founder - Darian Robinson, SAF Mix And The CEO Himself, Evan Gallagher from Nic Gironda on Vimeo.
i was thinking earlier this week, "where is torey thornton?" seriously, there was a void somewhere in the fixieverse and i done sensed it. well self, you need not worry because here he is (along with charles schoen, another dudes gone a little MIA).... in a saf bmx edit. even though they only have a clip each, it's still in line with the rawness of east coast bmx.

i actually dug the whole thing. cutty ass music editing, with cutty ass spots here and there combined with some super raw east coast riding- shit, man.


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Snow said...

this is dope all the way through