Friday, March 22, 2013

everyone else isn't trying then: odyssey's 316 house

well shit, man. odyssey is one of the best BMX parts suppliers ever to grace this earth and they would like to welcome you to austin, texas' 316 house. dugan, swafford and hauck live there (amazing...), and jabari and the ALMIGHTY AARON ROSS visit there. aaron ross and tom dugan are 2 of my favorite bmx riders so i was pumped to see this one roll out. but what i want to point out is :54. THAT'S AARON ROSS' FIRST TIME ON AN FGFS BIKE AND HE DOES A GAT DAMN FAKIE TAILWHIP.

you all arent trying hard enough. hahaha



JP said...

Well... shit.

bhsk said...

one fixie clip and it has to be of a fake whip. so what do we do now?