Friday, March 22, 2013

don't forget the dudes to the south: tecate madness trailer

Tecate Madness 2013 Trailer. from omar vega on Vimeo.
it's fast bike friday and ususally there's some sleek, proabably expensive, track bike out on here today. that's not what this is. south of the californian border is tecate, mexico. this kind of remeind me of when i first got my 2008 SE lager, burning through tires like toilet tissue. it was crazy fun in those days and these guys look like they're having a blast through the streets of tecate. this is essentially a preview for the tecate madness event in april which will have emi brown, mike chacon, and boothby all day visiting. if you're in the area (hell even you so cal people can make it out) you should check it out.


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