Wednesday, February 27, 2013

some insight: "who stole the soul?" by FBM's crandall

(via FBM)
yeah, so i saw this pop up and i thought i would share. FBM has been a pioneer in the BMX industry for a damn long time and have been THE american bmx framebuilder. if you have some time, go watch the "i love my bicycle" documentary. head honcho crandall wrote this little blog post about where the bmx industry is going and i think it applies to a ton of stuff. here's a little excerpt.:

"In today’s economy, where all the conveniences are delivered with ease over the internet, and everyone has what appears to be unlimited access to almost everything, Small Independent BMX companies, and bike shops, and some of the most talented pros, still struggle just to pay the bills...Pay Attention to who you support, who you represent, where you spend your money, and think about how your decisions affect an entire community.Without roots the whole tree dies. Without the riders, the wheel stops spinning. Without the support of the community, none of us will be here to share our absurd ideas…"

go read the whole thing here.


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