Sunday, February 17, 2013

best shot: unknown bikes' photo contest

just got word from unknown bikes about a photo contest. i loves me some photography, i loves me some bikes; er go, of course i;m going to get the word out on this! rules are simple: it needs to be a photo of your bike built around an unknown frame, the photo can be still or an action shot, editing is encouraged (not sure if tacky edits earn points. i'm not goign to be the judge of that but i'm guessing funny shit counts for something somethere), photo composition doesn't have to be shot with the nicest equipment as long as the photo is engaging, and the photo must be posted on the unknown bikes facebook page HERE
. the winner will be announced on march 8th and will receive a Ps1 frame, k6 cranks, carbon fork and headset. that's some goooooood stuff y'all.



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