Sunday, December 2, 2012

the local locals: fixieboyz408 iphone throwaway

our homie daniel le is sitting on a shit ton of footy. how much footy? well this is stuff that dates back to this past summer. in fixie years, that's a long ass time. there's so much going for this- i've said this before and i'll say it again: there's a ton of young talent out here and these dudes are hungry for it. they break shit and break themselves, but you can't keep them off a bike. let's not forget to mention the rad shit they do- the feeble in great mall was pretty funny to a local dude like me, peter's feeble bar on the handrail at sj state was madness, valentin racho needs to be sponsored like now, jimmy watcha needs to get heal the fuck up so he can fuck shit up, solo's lines kinda reminded me of when everyone was doing bump jumps off everything, james madarang's 180 bar at the city hall spot was buttery, and daniel le's a talented dude in front of the camera and behind it. i know danny's got alot more stuff for us in the near future- seriously people look out for the homies.


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