Monday, December 3, 2012

portrayals: h&m for brick lane bikes

brick lane bikes is a london staple in the fixed gear scene and it seems like theyve teamed up with superclothier H&M. i like brick lane bikes, i do, but this kinda has them portrayed as elitist punks. i'm also not one to be really into cycle-minded clothing (but after getting some commuter levi's i'm comining 'round), and i'm okay with H&M clothes (one of my longest lasting jeans was a cheap par from H&M), but somehow i see this eventually being terribly distasteful. the release is around march of next year and maybe i'll be proven wrong. for now we have this. anyone care to comment?



Ben said...

"East London seems to have been a bit of a, like the birthplace of
fixed gear and singlespeed bikes if you like. And I can't help thinking
that Brick Lane Bikes had something to do with that" hahahaha. Seriously ?!

hugo said...

Although I do agree with you that the clothe themselves will probably not be that great. I do think that the more big companies get into "everyday cycling clothe" it will make the overall market more affordable...for example outlier pants not being 230$..however great they are

bhsk said...

yeah, east london's the birthplace of fixed gear. it was also the setting of premium rush- oh it wasn't? that was new york? well macaframa and mashsf was filmed in east lond- oh that was san francisco? 

that was a pretty dumb statement that dude made. 

Ben said...

 I guess he didn't notice because he was busy inventing fgfs in his backyard

Stacy said...

fuck that dude.....a meca? really?  what about L.A, New York, Philly, or Portland? but what do i know those are just places right?