Tuesday, December 18, 2012

locals: valentin racho by danny le

5ONIT : Valentin Racho from Daniel Le on Vimeo.
from what i understand, my homie daniel had so many clips of valentin, he made an edit just because. dude is seriously one of those kids who needs to get picked up like right now. i know FGFS is in a little recession with the dissolving of the SE team as well as other factors, but valentin is one of those kids that gives me hope for the next generation of FGFS riders. yeah so he's one of those dudes who likes to tuck-no, but he does them mad well and keeps it true with FGFS specific tricks in his flat ground work. plus those tucks nos aren't half assed. even though i see this dude ride alot, i havent seen one of those nutty x up (wind up) bars... the local talent is rad 'round here.


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