Tuesday, December 18, 2012

born from death: "contra mundum" by retrogression and tallboy

(via retrogression)
our homeboy scrod from retrogression sent this one over the other day- it's a collaboration between artist "tallboy" (quickly becoming one of my favorite artists by the way) and retrogression. here's the story behind it:

"Once upon a time, some kook decided it would be a great idea to leave an envelope containing a dead mouse wrapped up in a note full of deranged psuedo-religious ramblings in our good friend Tallboy's mailbox. He instinctively brought it to the shop right away, where we put our brains together and decided to commemorate the situation on a t-shirt.

Contra Mundum was a phrase scrawled on the actual note, which pretty much means "fuck the world" in Latin. Perfect.

i'm down with this. so down with this. GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY NAO.


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