Thursday, November 29, 2012

screw it, let's do this- throwback thursdays: SF Track/fixed edit

SF Track/Fixed Edit from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.
alright so i've had a strange feeling for the last year or so doing this blog. originally, this whole thing was supposed to be a blog about the undergrounds of riding track bikes really fast (hence, the name) but over time the focus has shifted wayyyyyy too much into FGFS that it's starting to bother me a little bit. the unfortunate thing is, the stuff i wanted to originally cover is considered "old school" so fuck... i'm gonna go off and do my own shit and post some "old school" shit that really inspired me back then. maybe i'll be able to breathe some new life into some shit, and some of these young'ns starting out straight up on 26" FGFS can learn something. i mean, i have a ton of them in my head i want to revisit anyway.

so here's goes the inagural throwback thursday (i want to warn you, i'm just a dude, and i'll probably forget from time to time but it's gonna happen) and i want to start out with one of the first videos of fixed gear i saw when i was starting out. chris fonseca may have stepped out of the fixed gear world, but his impact of fixed gear 3-4 years ago pretty much changed the face of FGFS and fixed riding in general. without him we wouldnt have had met people like jason clary, jakob santos, daniel torres, joel weston and the fakie wheelie, everyone in gnarcotix, boothby- pretty much everyone that was in the bay area pre-san jose blow up. this one featured names like james newman (he had a part in macaframa, if you can remember), jason clary, the fonseca himself, and donald arrodondo.


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