Monday, November 26, 2012

lurking over the chrome store: chrome subfloor circuit

Chrome Subfloor Circuit from Jason Finn on Vimeo.
amanda from chrome had been showing this off on instragram before the event went down and i have to day i'm impressed at the way it turned out. they could've made a mindrome, but that wouldn't be fun would it? so they made a track with banked walls and a mice little burm. to level the paying field, riders had to use old school styled singlespeeds.

portland is so rad.

//edit: shout out to the homeslice amanda for correcting me!



Amanda Sundvor said...

 Actually, it's above our shop. We called it The Subfloor Circuit is because the it was built out with sub flooring.

bhsk said...

thanks for the correction! the event looked rad!