Monday, October 1, 2012

when super means something: the superdrome

The Superdrome from Barry Stevenson on Vimeo.
um, well this made my hellyer velodrome (the home drome) look puny and underfunded. the superdrome of frisco, TX is one of three olympic style dromes in the united states. it boasts a 44 degree banking (as opposed to the 23 degrees at hellyer), and is 250 meters in length (as opposed to hellyer's 335 meters).  it's huge alright and these top-gear esque shots make it soooo epic.

i'd rather chill at hellyer and cheer on yell at my homies.


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John Jones said...

I started track racing at Alpinerose, which is similar. I always like it much more than Hellyer; much faster, closer, intense racing. You also can use techniques in velodromes like Alpinerose that just don't work as well at Hellyer.