Thursday, October 18, 2012

santa barbarians: fyxation eastside and track bike giveaway

DNA x Fyxation x CLCTV Presents: Ride FTW from DNA IMAGERY on Vimeo.
ben from fyxation sent this over to me earlier today- looks like they're having a little giveaway in conjuction of 1)a benny benassi concert in santa barbara, CA and 2)the upcoming release of their track frames. now their track frames as well as new parts line won't hit stores til early 2013 but if you happen to be in so cal for that benny benassi concert then you'll have a chance to win a fully built bike by fyxation. you can get the details here. it's refreshing to see people actually riding fast in a commercial. by the way, for us northern california people a little birdie told me that fyxation might be at SF bike expo november 10-11!


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