Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#bigboywheelclique: Finn Zygowski's bb17 serpent

(via GWN)
one of the really big supporters of the 29er essays has to be the homie finn of great white north. we share a great deal of opinions and views on big boy wheels andthe dude makes me glad i'm not crazy and talking to the endless abyss that is the internets. he put up a bike check on great white north- i love bb17 serpents and i will post every single one that comes into my attention because i love them so much. you'd swear i'm on bb17's payroll, but alas, i'm just a stupid huge fan of this frame. dude's build is super proper too. i love me some balloon-y rubber on some polished h plus son toasterstrudels todestreibs. check it all out and soak it all in here.

you'll be seeing more of him on this blog when i get to the interview parts of the 29er project.


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