Thursday, October 25, 2012

a state: the tour of johor by duraath

TOUR OF JOHOR: DAY 1 from duraath on Vimeo.

TOUR OF JOHOR: DAY 2 from duraath on Vimeo.

TOUR OF JOHOR: DAY 3 from duraath on Vimeo.
for those of y'all who don't know, malaysia is a bunch of states. jorhor happens to be the second largest state behind pehang but you don't want a geography lesson, i know. these dudes rode the length of it in some pretty brital conditions as far as touring is concerned. here's what duraath had to say:

"A year ago today – 25th October 2011 – I had the chance to follow my cycling team Wightset! for a tour around the second largest state in Malaysia – Johor. At first i had the urge to cycle tour with them but then no one would be documenting this remarkable event. So i packed my glidecam, lenses, tripod and opteka grip, get in my friend’s car and tour alongside the guys for the whole 3 days straight. It was a momentous experience for me and the rest of the team as no one has ever done this kind of tour around Johor with a track bike before."

even though this was a year ago, the footy just came out recently and it's still a really impressive feat.


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