Sunday, September 30, 2012

mystic geometry: renovatio by pedal consumption and leader

(via PC)
i already know that this is going to be a good frame just by the fact that patrick from pedal consumption knows what a beautiful and functioning bike needs. the kagero has been rolling rampant in the street track bike world, so this announcement for a new endeavor between leader and pedal consumption came out of right field for me. not alot is known but this new renovatio frame will feature a horizontal top tube, hydroformed seat tube, and a tight geometry. now, this is in the wake of cinelli moving towards a more UCI legal horizontal top tube on the cinelli x mash sf which will probably see the renovatio on the drome. this upcoming year is gonna be a good one for fixed gear, folks.

i'm really hoping it's a bike that's close to the cannondale track- i know patrick is quite fond of that frame/geometry.



Patrick said...

Thanks for the post!  

The RENOVATIO will feature the Kagero tubing shape(s) with the mentioned horizontal TT, hydroformed, ST, and tight geometry.  We wanted to make a frame that was velodrome ready.  I've been testing the prototype for several months and it's feeling great! 

bhsk said...

dude, if it's anything close to how good the new kagero came out- i'm all for it man. keep me posted!