Friday, August 3, 2012

even the queen would crack a smile: feather cycles x john smedley

(via feather cycles)
i'm a really big fan of feather cycles, and you are too (yes, you are!). last time we saw ricky feather grace the virtual stage was an interview with HBTV earlier this year. through the lift agency he collaborated with british purveyors of knitwear, john smedley to create this classic track bike. i could care less if he collaborated with a high end client or a pile of dirt- this is one of the most beautiful bikes i've ever laid eyes on; so much so that i broke out singing "god save the queen" in full british accent without even knowing the words to the anthem. it's gorgeously simple with every logo in it's right place and not a gaudy "ey f*ck you! i'm a track biiiiiiiike!" part in sight. have a look over at feather cycles and you too might be saluting a union jack.


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