Wednesday, August 29, 2012

empty out your pockets: phil wood track crank preorder

(via mashsf)
so it's been a minute since we've seen any movement or news about these cranks from my locals at phil wood. the last time we saw them was pretty much around this time, last year. well, mashsf announced the preorder for these babies earlier today on their blog. the preorder kit comes with the 170mm Phil Wood Track Cranks in polished finish, a 48 tooth Phil Wood track chainring, Polished silver crank arm dust covers, a Phil Wood sealed bottom bracket 110 length, Polished silver Phil Wood mud guards (for the BB), a Phil Wood bottom bracket tool, and Limited run packaging... you may be asking, "so jmik, how much is this setting me back?" it's $620.

are you okay?  i see you've fainted. you read that correctly, $620. now stay with me, breathe- that's alot of dough for a crankset, but if you look at the costs of a phil wood BB, the mud guards, the bb tool.... it's still around 400-500 for a crankset.

gotta pay the cost to be a boss.


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