Friday, August 24, 2012

crazy hustle: #fixiefamous and the affinity metropolitan from premium rush

Affinity Rush | An Inside Look at Joseph Gordan Levitt's Fixed Gear From Premium Rush from FIXIEFAMOUS on Vimeo.
let me start by saying that fixiefamous has crazy hustle. they're actually helping kenny and i out on this man up competition GREATLY. i can't go into details about it, but they're really helping. anyway, looks like they sent a guy out (yeah, they do that! that's some hustle) to new york's affinity to take a closer look at some bike from some movie. it kind of sucks that this thing didn't have the other nitto bullhorns, and wasn't a lo pro but then again as a guy who has weird obsessions over stuff like that it's easy to see why they went this route from a movie standpoint. no one wants to see JGL's head the whole movie, and no one want st see him hunched over the whole time....


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