Monday, August 20, 2012

charged with battery: affinity x premium rush

(via prolly)
yeah i know i'm going against the cardinal rule of "don't-repost-prolly-or-he'll-say-something-on-twitter", but this one he's a really good one and i'll take the heat. you're a damn liar when you say you're not going to watch premium rush. if you're either watching it for the bikes, for lamarche and austin horse, or maybe to watch the potential trainwreck- you're going to be laying eyes on an affinity metropolitan ridden by joseph gordon levitt AKA wilee AKA the new robin AKA JGL. apparently there's going to be premium rush edition metropolitans in pure white (not battered i hope) with a proper sticker pack- i surprisingly have no problem with this since i've ridden a metropolitan before and it's pretty phenomenal. affinity also has that kind of street cred where they can pretty much do no wrong. see more of the properly ridden prop at john's joint.

what i do have a problem with is this. this is hideous and sends the wrong message.

watch premium rush. or not... whatever.


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